Sriya Sarkar

Digital Media-ite, Comedian, Filmmaker

Sriya Sarkar can be found at the intersection of comedy, political issues, and digital media. The smorgasbord of her work lives here.

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Because of the change in direction of my idea, my technology will be focused on the following now:



D3.js - for data visualizations.

Due to the nature of what it is I want to do, I am positive that I will come across further software and programs that I will need to look into in order to complete the project.



So how will I go about putting all of this together, you ask? Below are the technical nitty-gritty that I will be looking into throughout the thesis development phase. 

          - a programming language ideal for digital signal processing that will be used to create projections during the show.

Online Action Platform
          - an interactive prototyping program which I will use to create initial wireframes

     Python, Ruby, JavaScript
          - all programming languages to learn in order to build an online web app that will serve as an action-taking portal. I imagine it will host various campaigns related to the show's issue as well as further information and resources.

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