I am a current graduate student in the Integrated Digital Media program at NYU's Polytechnic School of Engineering. I graduated from the film and TV production program at NYU Tisch and worked in the industry for a few years, both on productions and for companies (including BBC, Discovery, and Comedy Central). I transitioned to tech somewhat when I joined the socially meaningful content aggregator, Upworthy, when it was but a fledgling enterprise. 

After leaving Unworthy, I discovered improv comedy and performed with the Improvisation News Team, in addition to writing sketches with them. Numerous performances later, I finally tried my hand at standup comedy, and have been performing at various shows through NYC. 

Currently, I am a frequent collaborator with the reproductive justice organization, Lady Parts Justice - a group that uses humor and outrage to help bring about political change for reproductive rights.


As a comedian, I am very drawn to the satirists of the modern age - Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Larry Wilmore, and the fine folks of The Onion, among others. I have also noticed a gradual growth of interest in myself in wanting to take political action more and more. I, like many I am sure, am a frequent petition signer. But what else can one do? The internet seems like a blooming resource of possibilities in terms of different ways to engage policymakers and influence tangible change.

I want to create this show and action platform first and foremost because it is a selfish way to indulge three areas I am interested in and passionate about: comedy, social justice, and digital media. Beyond that, though, I think it will be a fascinating exercise in testing the possibilities of satirical live performance and how it can be used to encourage audiences to make a change.