Project #3 - Digital Lightbox for the Frick Collection

The Frick Collection, one of the premier international museums for Old Master paintings and classical European arts and sculpture, was our client for this assignment. Our mission? To design a digital "lightbox" feature to help users compare images through the following capabilities:

  • bring images from multiple sources onto one screen (the lightbox)
  • allow the user to overlay works of art in the lightbox
  • make annotations to images
  • zooming capabilities for comparison's sake
  • ability to export images/information
  • ability to invite others to collaborate
  • have metadata for the image pop up next to it when scrolled over
  • have a public, searchable archive

Based on rounds of user testing through interviews and prototypes (both paper and interactive), we created a Hi-Fi interactive prototype on Axure. You can check the link out here. Screenshots are below.


Our presentation booklet, created for the client, includes an in-depth description of our market research, persona info, user testing, unique features, and annotated wireframes. You can delve into that here. Enjoy - it makes for fascinating bedtime reading!

Props to the best group to collaborate with for this project - Team Lightbox Experts: Jan Vi and Nikki Zeichner.

Want the full details? Check out the full detailed blog post on it here.

Sriya Sarkar