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Digital Media-ite, Comedian, Filmmaker

Sriya Sarkar can be found at the intersection of comedy, political issues, and digital media. The smorgasbord of her work lives here.

THE UNICORN KIDS SHOP - An e-commerce site

DESCRIPTION: A project created as part of the UX Design course at NYU, its aim was to create an e-commerce site for “The Unicorn Kids Shop” - a fictional company specializing in STEAM-related learning kits for children. Working with a team, we focused on streamlining the online shopping experience through easy navigation, reduced clicking, and clear information architecture.


COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS: We based most of our heuristic research around Makershed, an online company that most closely resembled what we were attempting to do. We also looked at the sites for Lego, Toys R’ Us, and Amazon. We found that each site had its pros and cons. What we were most aware of was the frustration experienced with bad navigation - particularly true of Amazon’s site. We also wanted to emphasize the fun aspects of our site - a result of observing that Makershed, while based around children’s toys, did not necessarily have that vibe.

PERSONAS: We were given three personas by the professor with pre-determined motivations, needs, and pain points. Based on the information given, we created user flows for each of them. In creating the flows, we were able to start conceptualizing what kinds of features would be most helpful. Click on the personas below for a detailed breakdown and user flows.


CARD SORTING: In our team, we individually drew up site maps at the beginning of the process to determine which features were necessary to include in the site. Based on our brainstorm, we used a card sorting program, Concept Codify, to test how potential users would rate the features. Based on the results, we proceeded on to our initial wireframes.


USER TESTING: User testing our initial round of wireframes indicated that we were certainly on the right path. The main feedback we received was clarifying our navigation, already one of our central focus points. After revising our wireframes based on user feedback, the following is our final round of interactive wireframes:

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