Sriya Sarkar

Digital Media-ite, Comedian, Filmmaker

Sriya Sarkar can be found at the intersection of comedy, political issues, and digital media. The smorgasbord of her work lives here.


DESCRIPTION: I created the web companion for an actual live sociopolitical sketch comedy show, The Uncomfortable Issues Show. The show is a live, multimedia sketch show about various political issues. The site includes information about seeing the show, as well as extra video content (related to the show, but not of the show), and how people can take action based on the issues they’ve seen. The goal, hopefully, is to create a symbiotic relationship in which viewers of the show and visitors to the site become simultaneously engrossed in the show as well as inspired to take action.


USER SURVEYS: I created a survey to find out what kinds of information people desired to find when visiting the site. A link to the survey and its results can be found here. I was surprised by the results. The main takeaways that informed the final product were:

    - users were generally interested in all three areas: comedy, social justice, politics
    - surprisingly, they were overwhelmingly interested in extra video content that was   NOT behind the scenes or footage from the show.    
    - there was hardly any interest in behind the scenes content at all


PAPER PROTOTYPES: I had two iterations of the paper prototypes. The first round incorporated the very basic needs that users seemed to want based on my survey. The second round was an improvement on the first based on user tests that suggested better layouts and clearer information architecture. Both versions are seen in the pictures below, the first iteration on the left, the second on the right.

INTERACTIVE WIREFRAMES: Following user tests with my paper prototypes, I assembled the interactive wireframes for the product on Axure. As you'll see if you click through the prototype, the layout was cleaned up a lot, with emphasis placed on clarity of information architecture.

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