"Rocket Man"

My thesis film, ROCKET MAN, is a whimsical children's film about a young boy who mistakes a struggling actor as the real-life version of his favorite comic book superhero and their eventual friendship. It is a testament to the power of imagination and friendship, our most valuable commodities (contrary to what the Federal Reserve may say).

The project was selected to be produced as one of ten in the Advanced Narrative Workshop class in the Film/TV Production Program at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.

It recently screened at NYU's First Run Film Festival in April 2014.


ARIES - Carlos Franquiz             GEORGE - Tom Martin


WRITTEN & DIRECTED by Sriya Sarkar         ANIMATION - Godfrey Hibbert, Courtney Taniguchi
PRODUCED by Bianca Wasson                     ORIGINAL SCORE - Andy Stein
EDITED by Tam Le, Laura Moya                     ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATIONS - Ken McGhee
DIR. OF PHOTOGRAPHY - Gabriella Moses

Production Stills:

Behind the scenes photos: