Four Weeks In Already?!

We're four weeks in already! *cue panic music*

What has been done so far? Good question:

  • Lots of meetings: I met with my thesis advisor for starters, and it was JUST what I needed. Get all the juicy details of that here.
  • I was introduced to, and set up a meeting with, Allison Goldberg and Jen Jamula, the creators of the wildly popular sketch comedy show, Blogologues. I am hoping to pick their brains about integrating tech into live comedy (which they are quite adept at doing by this point) as well as about more technical producing aspects, such as how to get sponsors 
  • I have locked down a window of dates for which this show needs to take place. Essentially the first two weeks of November is what I am looking at. This gives me enough time to take the feedback and analyze the results of the show.
  • I started writing! Not very much, but I took the hashtag exercise we did with Billy a couple weeks ago and started to do a short freewrite based on one of my hashtags. 
  • More research. Thanks to Chris Dawes, my advisor, I realized that up until now, I had been searching for the wrong thing because I didn't know the technical term for what it was exactly that I was doing. VOTER MOBILIZATION. That's the magical jargon. And now I am making my way through a comprehensive study of youth voter turnout from the last two elections done by CIRCLE, Tufts University's Center for Civic Engagement. 
  • I also met with someone to get a quick tutorial on Twilio in order to start building my SMS service. I think there's going to be a bit of a learning curve for me, alas, but there are plenty of tutorials I can do in order to get things going. I plan on keeping my goals for the service as simple as possible now in order to make the building stage as smooth as possible. I want to create strictly a reminder service now (it texts a reminder before each election). If I have the time to add more features, I will focus on integrating more. But I do not want to go in too big at the moment.
  • Finally, here is my detailed outline for the paper. 

I certainly have my work cut out for me, especially as September draws to a close. There's no time for panic attacks now. I just have to remember...

Sriya Sarkar