The Final Countdown

The thing about the week leading up to an event is panic will happen regardless. 

I met with my accountability partner, Celine, yesterday to talk over what is left/what I'm worried about/what I ate for dinner (that part might have just been in my head, though). Survey says: things are in pretty good shape.

Lineup = confirmed
Voter registration system = in place
Twitterbot = programmed (I'm just refining the RegExes so it responds to a wider variety of messages)
Outreach = ongoing

The outreach is the main thing occupying my time now. I have the very common fear that no one will show up. The space is such that, even with only a few people, it seems very big and empty. Not a fun room to play to, essentially. But that's not something constructive to worry about.

I have a solid crop of friends volunteering to help out as well. Everything from handling tickets and surveying the audience, to videography and setting up mobile hotspots. So I am indebted to the very awesome IDM crew. 

The paper is not on my mind this week. 

See you all on Sunday, hopefully! CLICK ME CLICK ME CLICK ME

Sriya Sarkar