Do the Write Thing

With the massive endeavor that was lolvote accomplished for the most part, I turned my attention to...the paper.

It was slow going to get started, but I have finally gotten into the writing groove. My plan is to finish the project portion of my paper (going over the idea, methodologies, execution, etc) by Friday at the latest, then bang out the research portion between this weekend and next Wednesday. I'll spend Thanksgiving break revising. I'm not going anywhere, so I've got the time to do so. Here is a link to my current paper.

In terms of follow up, I met with my advisor last Friday to discuss ideas. Originally, we came up with a plan to encourage the show's audience to use the Twitterbot to tweet during the Democratic debate this past Saturday. It was the only actionable event I could incorporate considering there's nothing to vote on until February, at the earliest (even then, only for those in Iowa). However, the tragic events in Paris coupled with numerous issues with the Twitterbot that prevented it from running on a server meant I missed the debate opportunity. 

My follow up plan is to fix the Twitterbot and engage users in any political discussion through it, doesn't necessarily have to be the debate. I'll try to time it around a newsworthy topic (i.e. Bobby Jindal suspending his campaign).

Celine and I met yesterday to discuss the status of our papers and projects. She concurred with me about my above plan. She, as well as Ernie and Sandra, provided many suggestions for how to further develop my project down the road (lolvote Global Edition might be a thing sometime in the future, for instance!). I will be incorporating their ideas into my paper.

And that's it for this week!

Sriya Sarkar