Finalising Logistics

It was a very logistics heavy week this week. But it wasn't all for nought - we have a venue and date!

The show goes down November 8th, 8pm, Littlefield.

Cool. That means less than a month to finish things up. No pressure. 

This week I did another brain dump about my question, which continues to be at odds with my proposed project. And I think I know why. For this entire process, I have focused almost entirely on some variation of what gets people to vote. But my initial interest in and passion for this project is rooted in my love for comedy and producing. When my approach to the project is centered around "what do I do best" (answer: produce live shows), I should have known that is the jumping off point for my question. 

So my new question now would be...I'm still working on it. 

Exciting update, though...the show has its hosts! Rae Sanni and Alex English are two colleagues of mine from Lady Parts Justice. Both are seasoned hosts and, more importantly, are involved in the intersection between comedy and social issues. Funny AND politically informed? That's EXACTLY what I need, no?

Sriya Sarkar