Mission Accomplished

Overall, "Speakout Laughout" was a success!
          Live show? Check
          Processing sketch using tweets in real time? Check       
          Live stream? Sadly, no check.

But two out of three isn't so bad! Thanks to our tech walk through last Friday, the three of us were prepared for the stream to be a bit wonky - primarily because the internet was so slow. Even with a cat-6 cable, we were not able to generate the speed needed to stream for even a couple seconds.

The slow internet speed also caused Processing to literally abort itself (how fitting) midway through because it could not connect to the Twitter API. Luckily, Ernie and I were able to get it back up and running after a little bit. Following the messed up connection, the projection would not display properly and I had to settle for the bottom menu bar of my computer being visible.

The ability to visualize people's social media reactions I believe greatly enhanced the experience. When the purpose of the flashing uteri was explained to them, there is an audible gasp of surprise and delight. Were the live stream enabled, I believe the wall would have been a flashing cacophony or trippy uteri but it was fascinating to see it regardless.

Photos below to see "Trippy Uteri" in action...

Sriya Sarkar