An Update to the Uteri: Part 2

It progresses!

Following a six hour long tech meeting on Tuesday, Ernie, Hovsep, and I were finally able to get a live stream going. I'm sure creating a live stream from scratch would have exhibited a higher degree of technical ability, but as all our expertise lies in videography - it felt like a more useful use of our time relying on an existing streaming software.

Fair warning to anyone out there - Youtube is not very friendly to stream on! A capture device, multiple forums on Flash Media Encoder Live 3.2, and a harried trip to Best Buy for a Thunderbolt cable, we were able to seamlessly get a live stream going on Ustream instead.

On Friday, the team is heading over to the theater to make sure the equipment works in their space.

In terms of the Processing sketch, I have the fades ready and am just playing around with aesthetics now.

Sriya Sarkar