An Update to the Uteri

The Processing learning curve continues to curve. But at least I now have a better working knowledge of what to do in order to create the kind of projection I want.

I have been able to update it so that the same uterus icon does not show up, but a random assortment of uteri pop now. Also, text! It's revolutionary!

Another thing to debug now though - how to prevent the icons from appearing over the text...

Hovsep, Ernie, and I have continued to try to figure out the live stream situation. Hovsep realized we need a capture device in order to hook up an external camera. Luckily, Elton has placed an order for one and it should be here in time for a tech walk through scheduled for next week.

The number of tickets claimed officially exceeds the theater's capacity, but accounting for people with tickets who WON'T show and people without tickets who WILL show, I think we're in pretty good shape!

Sriya Sarkar