Production Calendar...counting down the days

There's about a solid month left until my final project for Interaction Design - Speakout Laughout.

As of today, I have the majority of the show's logistics figured out and done, including:

  1. Theater rental
  2. Booking the comedians (though I am still looking to add a couple more; I have 7 confirmed)
  3. Creating an event page and invites
  4. Beginning the promotional push to get out the word about (through social media and various advocacy groups)
  5. Familiarizing myself with Max MSP through introductory tutorial videos.

There's still quite a bit of work left to do. In the coming month, I will be focusing almost exclusively on creating the Max patch that will control the projections that are so integral to this show. Below is a production schedule I put together:

April 1:          Show promotional graphics
                     Initial layout of program

April 2 - 4:    Start working on a patch that plugs into Twitter
                     Reach out to organizations & advocacy groups
                     Find someone to help with video documentation

April 5:         Attend Max workshop. Figure out how to create specific kinds of displays

April 6 - 7:    Refine Twitter plug in patch. Begin work on visualization aspect

April 8:         Present patch so far to Dana

April 9 - 14:  Continue working on patch so it can follow a hashtag, pull specific tweets, and             display them
                     (also do taxes)

April 15:        Present final Twitter patch

April 16 - 21:  Work on tallying function of the patch.

April 22:         Present patch so far with the tally function included.

April 23 - 28:  Work on the graphic presentation in the patch.
                       Conduct a test live stream.

April 29:         Present the finalized patch in class.

April 30:         Tech run-through at the theater. I will test the patch and live stream.

May 1 - 2:        Make any final edits.
                       Confirm with comics
                       Confirm with tech help (videographers, light board)
                       Promote on all sites.

May 3, 4pm:   SHOW!

May 4 - 5:       Edit video from show

May 6:            Show video documentation from show in class

Sriya Sarkar