A Clearer Concept


The idea, in a nutshell, is to organize a speakout - a gathering of people in a safe environment where they can share their experiences and listen to others' - for abortion stories. I want to do something in the vein of the 1 in 3 Campaign's recent speakout, but as a standup comedy event involving comedians who have gone through abortions themselves. By creating a Twitter hashtag and live streaming the event, I will track the number of times the hashtag is used and project it during the performance to measure reach in real time.


Live performance! It is, at its core, a stand up comedy show.


The main content component of the idea is performed live, thus written by each individual performer. On my end, content would involve putting together a slate of performers that can be the right amount of frank, honest, and engaging. The most challenging component will be to create a Max/MSP patch that can track a Twitter hashtag and project it. How will that projection look? I will need to design the look of this projection which will show the numbers of people using the hashtag. The numbers will update as the tweets roll in. I would like to also project the tweets themselves. Because I also want to live stream the event, I want to figure out how best to do that.


Comedy Gives Back

1 in 3 campaign speakout




I'm definitely interested in using Max/MSP in order to integrate Twitter into a live projection. The entire set design of this idea rests on a projection and from what I have observed, this is the most versatile program to allow that.


          Lucid Possession (Toni Dove) - a live performance involving Dove using her hand gestures to control a pre-recorded film.

          Twitter Streaming Map - This is a video demonstrating the Twitter streaming API. It uses similar patches to what I expect I would use.

           Italian Politicians - Another video, this time demonstrating the sonification of Tweets relating to Italian politicians.

          Personal Frequency - an installation that changes the projection based on where the viewer is standing and how they move. It's more installation based and interactive than I intend my piece to be, but it's still interesting to keep in mind in case I do want to play around more with the projection.

          Socialpulp - This is a company that makes Twitter and Instagram based projection walls. They use it in a branding oriented direction, mainly for use by other companies at their events, however the physical piece that they create is perhaps closest to what I want to show.







Sriya Sarkar