Ideation of an Idea

Part one of a brainstorming saga. The first leg tackled ideas I am interested in:


Top Ideas:
     1. Comedy based on research
     2. Laughtivism
     3. Discomfort (as a result of people realizing their own inherent biases)    
     4. Allies

The second leg of the process focused on brainstorming interactions:

Top Interactions:
     1. Stand-up
     2. Interactive projections
     3. Video, theater crossover
     4. Improvisation

Preliminary ideas based on the above brainstorming process:    
     1. A stand-up set integrating projections controlled by the audience
     2. An improv scene based upon some kind of audience participation
     3. Legislative girls (all genders inclusive) night - letter writing party to Congress on various legislations currently being debated.

Examples of work I'm drawing from:
     1. Shana Moulton's live performances, particularly this one of "Whispering Pines"
     2. Jarrett Berenstein's solo show, "The New Job Show"
     3. Interlude's interactive video of Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone"
     4. This marketing installation for "Inside Amy Schumer" involving projections and audience participation
     5. "Saturday Chores" is a Tumblr for photos a husband and wife team take of themselves holding opposing signs at anti-choice events and rallies around North Carolina.

An example of my previous work - a stand up set incorporating graphic projections - can be seen here.

Sriya Sarkar