Finding datasets

NYC Open Data is a fascinating resource. I used to think data was dry and boring, to be honest. I didn't realize the potential for creation with data until quite recently. 

Originally, when searching for a data set to work with for the time period after Eric Garner's death, I looked for emergency-related information and something protest related, perhaps. 

This was the original set I decided to work with - the information messages received by the Office of Emergency Management about emergency events and important City services for December 2014. 

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But after playing around with the site a little more, I came across this set from the Department of Sanitation of all places - a log of all graffiti instances throughout the five boroughs for December 2014. I wish there was a column for what the graffiti actually said, but I think it is interesting that the police precincts are included in the organization of the data. 

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I attempted to take the data and build a simple bar chart using D3. I do not know Javascript, however, nor D3 for that matter, so I was not able to get it to a functioning state. Hopefully, I can do so by next week, though!

Sriya Sarkar