Timeline-ing the Planned Parenthood Debacle

Two weeks ago in class, my group used TimelineJS to map out politicians and their hypocritical political stances as related to their sex scandals. Juicy stuff.

For this exercise, though, I chose to redo my timeline and base it on the Planned Parenthood debacle following the release of several sting videos over this past summer. I felt this issue really dominated the news cycle for several months, even becoming the focus of several presidential campaigns. 

When putting together the timeline, therefore, I focused on three main aspects of the overall story - the videos at the heart of it, the political response (or subsequent actions), and the media's response. There is a plethora of news stories related to this, so the timeline I created just scratches the surface. But even going through the stories on there now it is interesting to see the chain effect, particularly in the beginning. Who would have thought, for example, that it would only take three Youtube videos to convince Louisiana's governor to cut off Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood? The disconnect between the allegations (and the nature of them) and the political responses they triggered (affecting scores of people with no say in the matter) is truly disconcerting.

Sriya Sarkar