Comedy Work

A smattering of comedy dabblings. Enjoy and judge for your own amusement.


Highlights from "Speakout Laughout": an abortion speakout doubling as a standup comedy show where comedians and storytellers shared their personal abortion stories. Laughs were had. Stigmas were crushed. Check out the full playlist here.

I also programmed the funkadelic projection in the background which had flashing uteri icons pop up for each event related tweet in real time. The projection is affectionately called, "Trippy Uteri."

Thanks to our sponsors, the 1 in 3 Campaign (a project of Advocates For Youth)!

Created for the Interaction Design Studio class, part of the Integrated Digital Media graduate program at NYU Poly School of Engineering.

A standup performance about, what else, stretch marks.

Part of the Hemispheric Institute's EmergeNYC program's final showcase.

Performing in the Fall 2014 Live Performance Design class final showcase. Part of NYU Poly's Integrated Digital Media program