Sriya Sarkar

Digital Media-ite, Comedian, Filmmaker

Sriya Sarkar can be found at the intersection of comedy, political issues, and digital media. The smorgasbord of her work lives here.

It's pronounced "Shree-yah"

A recent grad from the film program at NYU Tisch, I am a Jill-of-all-Trades: director, writer, producer, editor, and improvisor.

I have produced numerous short films (including The Solar System, 2013 Amsterdam Film Festival Van Gogh Award for Best Drama) in addition to writing and directing my own (Rocket Man). Work experience includes the BBC, Discovery, Comedy Central, Indian Paintbrush, and Unique Features.

I have also worked with the Media Democracy Fund and Ford Foundation funded documentary, The Internet Must Go, the Sundance Institute-affiliated Asian American Artists Foundation, and served as the Operations Manager for Upworthy. I also served as the Summer 2013 Directing Actors Workshop coordinator for Directors NYC.

To pay off my student loan debt, I'm pursuing the ever lucrative field of comedy. My parents can blame the fine folks with whom I am fortunate to write sketch comedy and perform improv with, The Improvisation News Team.

I've now added stand-up comedy to the list of things I do that don't provide healthcare. You can catch me at various shows/venues around NYC.

To pay rent, I currently freelance in production and as an editor.

I look forward to the day when I can write on a late night show and then get my own show and then maybe not have to worry about how I can support my Krispy Kreme donut habit.


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