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Sriya Sarkar can be found at the intersection of comedy, political issues, and digital media (just off of I-95). A filmmaker and comedian, she recently received her Master's in Integrated Digital Media from NYU's Polytechnic School of Engineering.

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Project #2 - Unicorn Kids Shop

My group consisted of the following fine specimens of humankind:

Ayanna Seals (Project Manager)
Nirbhay Shah
Neill Chua


We began with the card sorting process to help us decide the features we wanted to include on the site. Our initial brainstorm and site maps included features we all independently deemed were important. We used an card sorting website called Concept Codify. We uploaded all the features we had brainstormed onto it and sent the link out to various people. 

We began building our wireframes based on the results we collected.


As a group we created user flows for the three provided personas and a site map, using the card sorting results. 

Our user flows can be seen here

Be dazzled by our site map here


Our wireframes were designed based on the results of the card sorting process. It was a collaborative effort and designed directly in Axure. 

We deferred to the Makershed website often in order to gain ideas about layout, search options, and checkout processes. 

We designed wireframes for four primary pages, with some "sub pages" - the homepage with login/register, shop and product pages, checkout and learn pages, and tutorials and contact us pages. 

Those wireframes can be seen here


Our interactive prototype can be seen here

Instead of creating a prototype tailored to only one persona, we incorporated the needs and pain points for all three personas. 

While we understood that we shouldn't get carried away visually, the overall visual design mattered greatly to us. Ayanna was a huge asset, in this department. Her intuitive graphic sense comes across in the clean layout and design. Almost every one of our users commented on the visually pleasing layout. 


We recorded our screens during user testing to observe their clicking behavior and have audio of their verbal response as well. Due to wonky technology mishaps, only three videos are viewable. 

User Test 1
User Test 2
User Test 3

The photos of our user testing sessions below also show how they interacted with our site.

Our main takeaway from the user tests was two-fold: 

1. After adding an item to the cart, users would click the "Added to cart" pop-up thinking it would link them to the cart. This led us to change the message to "Go to cart" and linked it accordingly.

2. Users responded very favorably to having the company phone number and a chat option in the header


Our group unanimously voted Ayanna Seals as the group's MVP. She was a true driving force in the entire organization of the project. 

Want the full details? Check out the full detailed blog post on it here.





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