Sriya Sarkar

Digital Media-ite, Comedian, Filmmaker

Sriya Sarkar can be found at the intersection of comedy, political issues, and digital media (just off of I-95). A filmmaker and comedian, she recently received her Master's in Integrated Digital Media from NYU's Polytechnic School of Engineering.

The smorgasbord of her work lives here.

Ideation of an Idea

Part one of a brainstorming saga. The first leg tackled ideas I am interested in:


Top Ideas:
     1. Comedy based on research
     2. Laughtivism
     3. Discomfort (as a result of people realizing their own inherent biases)    
     4. Allies

The second leg of the process focused on brainstorming interactions:

Top Interactions:
     1. Stand-up
     2. Interactive projections
     3. Video, theater crossover
     4. Improvisation

Preliminary ideas based on the above brainstorming process:    
     1. A stand-up set integrating projections controlled by the audience
     2. An improv scene based upon some kind of audience participation
     3. Legislative girls (all genders inclusive) night - letter writing party to Congress on various legislations currently being debated.

Examples of work I'm drawing from:
     1. Shana Moulton's live performances, particularly this one of "Whispering Pines"
     2. Jarrett Berenstein's solo show, "The New Job Show"
     3. Interlude's interactive video of Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone"
     4. This marketing installation for "Inside Amy Schumer" involving projections and audience participation
     5. "Saturday Chores" is a Tumblr for photos a husband and wife team take of themselves holding opposing signs at anti-choice events and rallies around North Carolina.

An example of my previous work - a stand up set incorporating graphic projections - can be seen here.

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